Your house in the future

Japanese company Toto has unveiled its Flowsky toilet that keeps tabs on your rate of gush, while MIT SENSEeable City Lab is working on a loo that can not only recognise the be-throned, but analyse their excrement to shed light on the state of their health and microbiome.

As a countertop smart-oven that cooks tasty yet healthy meals in almost an instant, Brava is a game-changer. Pinterest In the bathroom, gadgets will help you look your best, while reducing your carbon footprint.

What Will My House Look Like?

Let there be light with Brava Image: Using smart planters that connect to an app — GROW enables your green thumb by monitoring the condition of the soil and notifying you every time your plant needs to be watered or pruned the watering reminder is a lifesaver — or plantsaver if you will.

Because GROW is here to change the way we nurture our tiny yet delicious Your house in the future friends. Indeed in the future it seems your conscience, as well as your body, could be squeaky clean at the push of a button.

Whether you want to start your own kitchen garden or simply bring the outdoors indoors, all you need is two AA batteries and a can-do attitude to get GROWing.

Essentially the lights transfer energy to the food. Janne Iivonen Morning ablutions might seem a private affair, but that could all change as technology finds its way into the smallest room in the house.

Just add water with Grow Image: GROW basically uses a smart sensor irrigation system to automatically water your plants or veggie seedlings based on the microclimate of your personal garden.

And this may be the future of medicine Read more The bathroom might well become the domain of Big Mother. Just set that weekly schedule, hit the CLEAN button, and get back to doing the things you actually want to do with your down time.

The ILIFE A4s also happens to have a Gen 3 CyclonePower cleaning system that works on all kinds of floors — including carpet — and a number of super smart senses meaning it will never bump into your furniture, get stuck in corners, or fall down the stairs. GROW Duo comes with a smart planter, soil, seeds and nutrients so you can cultivate the most bountiful kitchen garden in all the land.

The mirror, mirror on the wall, might finally talk back too if AI holds true to its promises. On demand puppy photos?

Luckily for you, Hello will recognise the faces of those who live at your home within just a few days. Even that most benign of bathroom essentials, the humble loo, is in for an upgrade. But alternatives are already in the offing that can monitor your bodily extrusions better than an over-competitive parent.

And our towels might even be cleaned without H2O: Baths and showers too will be cleaning up their act, with Orbital Systems developing filters to recycle water as it is used and Nebia offering a water-saving shower based on an intense mist of water rather than a traditional deluge. Think that teatime biscuit looks good?

Not that every bathroom gadget has the eco-system at heart.

Tech house of the future: take a look around

A suite of tech companies are devising prototype smart mirrors 6 to offer advice on everything from wardrobe choice to makeup, together with news and weather updates.

Ring a ding ding with Nest Hello Image: Claiming to measure your weight, body fat, heart rate and BMI, it will not only terrorise your tiled floor, but take to your phone: I had the bacteria in my gut analysed.

Brava A Wi-Fi connected smart oven that uses pure light to cook healthy food in a jiffy? These lights can apparently reach full power in under one second. Well it probably has something to do with the infrared light system made up of six inch millimeter light bulbs on the top and bottom of the oven interior, arranged in three different zones that make up the heating elements of the oven.The house of the future, by contrast, will be built with precision in a factory setting, just like our cars are today, and brought to the site in large panels that can be assembled and completed in less than a the end, what most of us long for is a place that really feels like home, a place that is beautiful and feeds the soul.

Build your future home in Cairo NY with Future Homes. Design custom Hudson valley houses for building custom home with Future Homes in Cairo NY. Find out what your future home will look like! Jul 15,  · These nifty products will make your life easier at home.

Domestic robots that will change the future of how you run your house. Share. if someone swings by the house while you’re at work. Tech house of the future: take a look around Smart ovens, living carpets, robot butlers and beds that remind you to have sex – then make themselves.

Welcome to. Find out how your life to come will be like!

Your house in the future
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