Upcs inspector business plans

Our inspectors have been performing REAC inspections since the program began, over five years ago! Our upcs inspector business plans will teach the standards in a friendly, fun, yet informative manner.

They will be able to return to their organization and implement the standards immediately. One of REAC responsibilities is to assess the physical condition of public housing properties.

QAI will complete this review by: The Inspection Group uses our own proprietary software that we call: The QC inspection is normally completed within 30 calendar days after the unit was initially inspected. Van Holm and 19 other company inspectors were trained in the use of the software and protocol.


All deviations are recorded on a data collection device DCD. Second, the PHA must compare the rent to rents for similar units on the premise. McCright prepares a complete package of documentation to support an appeal or technical review and ensure you get the best outcome possible. The Inspection Group suggests site managers, maintenance, and other staff personnel accompany our inspectors.

Inspectors from McCright work in conjunction with maintenance staff and housing managers to solve the issues that most affect REAC scores. He went out of his way to customize his material for our needs. The units are selected to insure that each HQS inspector receives a at least 10 Quality Control inspections each month.

The surveys must determine the rent reasonableness before entering into a HAP contract and before any increase in the rent to the owner.

Following the training, over 1, properties were inspected to UPCS requirements. We have partnered with several large and small Housing Authorities on this offered service. This software gives comparables in the private sector the subject property.

In addition, detailed summary reports, life safety reports and scoring reports are sent to the PHA. Even one mistake or misclassification can have huge financial implications. This determination involves two 2 comparisons.

What kind of software does The Inspection Group use?

Alejandro Dominguez

Developmental monthly re-training is provided as necessary. The statute requires that a review be conducted every two 2 years to update the plan. We send out bi-annual surveys to each of our clients to make certain we are meeting or exceeding their expectations.

We assign a designated client management team to each of our contracts. We will inspect all areas in accordance to the UPCS. Our industry-leading inspectors evaluate every aspect of your properties for the best possible REAC inspection result.

What will our staff learn from The Inspection Group? HUD recommends staff accompany the REAC inspector to ensure they conduct a proper inspection and that their records accurately reflect the property condition.

When is the best time to have The Inspection Group perform annual inspections? Data collected on the handheld device is transferred to the web-based McCright UPCS system, which automatically scores results and generates a complete property profile.UPCS Inspectors LLC offers inspections services, UPCS training, and HUD REAC consultation for housing management professionals and personnel.

Converting Annual Inspections From HQS to UPCS.

On October 24,in Federal Register Notices 65 FR &HUD announced the requirements for Public Housing Agencies to start using the new inspection protocol, Uniform Physical Condition Standard (UPCS), within 30 days. HUD Physical Inspection Training Program - Inspector Training Chapter 1: UPCS Inspection Protocol CHAPTER 1: INSPECTOR GUIDE FOR UPCS INSPECTION PROTOCOL U.S.

Department of Housing and Urban Development. 1 MEETING THE GRADE ON UPCS INSPECTIONS This presentation is based on our company’s success in doing well under the UPCS scoring system.

It is intended only to present a. Housing Quality Standards (HQS) Inspections. Since Quality Assurance Inspections and their employees have performed overHQS inspections for HUD, U. S.

UPCS Inspection Services & REAC Inspection Audit Assistance

Department of Justice, and local housing authorities. Prior to conducting a UPCS inspection, each QAI UPCS inspector must attend REAC’s UPCS training in Washington, DC.

In SeptemberUPCS Inspectors LLC was recognized as an outstanding business partner by HUD REAC at their industry meeting. Alejandro’s experience as a successful property management professional and as an inspector provides him a unique perspective that most in the industry do not have.

Upcs inspector business plans
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