The world is flat thesis

Evidently, the world is moving to a different energy environment. Learning what to learn will be a crucial question as well as how to learn in the global platform. Individuals will therefore have to be more of synthesizers than dependent on functions that will be competed for by machines and all other people.

When the work-flow software and hardware were joined more functions could be completed successfully using one machine. Some local and lower income earners who have to do their jobs at a specific place and time for example janitors, the butcher, the milk delivery guy, the nanny and other jobs will also not change as their jobs require their physical presence.

Localizers These are people who can use the strength of the global platform and create a powerful local business around it. People acquired more education and the supply of information equally increased to satisfy this great need.

People like very skilled sportsmen, authors, and neurosurgeons will be untouchable and cannot be affected professionally by the flattened world. As the world is fast moving to a more competitive, single, level playing field, only the best will thrive. This encouraged the development of applications and software that would speed up coordination among workers and brought certain services and information to individuals.

Moreover, buyers who will be able to think and identify places anywhere in the world where they can get materials at a cheaper price, better quality and speedily using global flatteners, will be successful.

Medical transcription, legal transcription, advertising, fashion designing, financial operations, etc.

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This helped the individual become more global and at par with other individuals in the world. As the world is becoming flat, certain challenges will have to be addressed. Positioning yourself with enough education about a certain field or phenomenon on a global platform, will be highly advantageous and beneficial to those who will possess it.

This helped more work to flow faster between companies and continents. Workflow software Development in the workflow software helped many individuals no matter their geographic location to work on same projects and make appropriate decisions.

Great adapters These are people who know that it is important to keep on adapting to the changing world. These jobs will be highly competed for in the world and also easily automated, outsourced and digitized.

The World Is Flat 3. Environment friendly Anything that will strive to conserve the environment will be a desirable concept.

New middle level jobs will come up and some categories may not affected by the forces of globalization. The author suggest that the trigger events for this phenomenon were the collapse of communism, the dot-com bubble resulting in overinvestment in fiber-optic telecommunicationsand the subsequent outsourcing of engineers enlisted to fix the perceived Y2K problem.

These flatteners developed and gradually became somewhat dependent of each other and the more that were converged the more the enhancement.

Friedman includes fresh stories and insights to help us understand the flattening of the world. Both sides in the war against terrorism are being fueled and financed through our purchases of oil. Informing The search for power increased the need for knowledge and information.

Having great ambition and passion for something will help an individual gain much knowledge about something that will in the end be very beneficial. A flat world will be a conducive place for innovators and creative individuals who will be working to create rather than follow set guidelines and procedures.

This occurrence led to the growth of other countries for instance the elevation of China to economic eminence. The flat world will require diversification and increase of activities in order to keep up with the changing economic scene.

In the 70s, Concorde aircraft were produced as a joint venture between France and the UK.Words Essay on The World is Flat Article shared by It was the noted American economist, Thomas Friedman, who first mooted ‘the world is flat. Critically evaluate the ‘World is Flat’ thesis put forward by Thomas Friedman.

Thomas Friedman in his recent book ‘The world is flat’ discusses a short history of globalisation in the twenty-first century.

The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman intends to warn the environment for governments, businesses and individuals that they must stay informed and learn to become ahead of the trends in order to compete in the ever evolving world.

The world is flat. Student. Professor. Course. Date. The world is flat. 1- Technology drivers and business drivers that make the world flat. The world has been constantly growing and globalization has been the widely accepted trend everywhere.

That, in a nutshell, is the thesis of The World Is Flat, first published in Friedman, a Pulitzer Prize-winning author, journalist, and New York Times op-ed contributor, claims that "When the world is flat, you can innovate without having to emigrate.". A global market has been born, the world is becoming flat, and globalization is no longer a western driven process.

"More people in more places now have the power to access the flat-world platform ” to connect, compete, collaborate.

The world is flat thesis
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