Meditech surgical case paper

There are numerous processes and Meditech surgical case paper that need to be implemented to aid Meditech in turning the business around and become customer friendly and profitable Simchi-Levi, They continue to have poor communication with their supplier and goods were being shipped anywhere from two to twelve weeks just to ship in the United States and longer if the product was shipped overseas.

The manager went to the hospital where the complaints were coming from and was able to The product production schedule did not give information as to when the product would be available or how soon it could be shipped.

Meditech Surgical Case Paper

By not having a system in place for customer data Meditech could not accurately forecast what their customer demands would be.

This has caused slow delivery problems in getting the products to their customers Simchi-Levi, They do not have procedures and systems in place to handle customer complaints, create reports to accurately forecast for sales; also they do not have a good relationship with their supplier.

They also have a massive amount of orders they cannot fill, while the time to the manufacture time the medical devises continues to increase. By reviewing all the complaints the manager could see what types of complaints the customers had.

What happened was Meditech could not produce the medical equipment fast enough to meet customer demands. There is no system or policy in place to be able to forecast supply demands.

Throughout the company they have had poor communication with their suppliers. By using this marketing strategy Meditech thought they would be able to easily sell endoscopic medical devises. The company has several issues including the relationships with vendors and suppliers, distribution locations, warehouse locations and customer service department.

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Meditech also does not have a system in place that can create reports, record, and track any of customer information. This was the root cause in orders not to being filled and the goods not being shipped.

The customer service manager was the first to realize that Meditech had major issues because all the customer complaints came in to that department. For this reason Meditech has not been able to achieve their goal and their relationship with the customers has suffered in the process.

Another are that needs to be improved is the customer service department. Poor communication with the suppliers caused Meditech to have poor communication with their customers Simchi-Levi, Due to the delivery problems with the medical devices, customers became angry and voiced their opinion to the customer service representatives.MEDITECH White Papers & Case Studies.

Customer Success. Combining technology and innovative thinking, MEDITECH customers are leaders in the healthcare industry. The case studies and white papers below demonstrate quantifiable quality improvements and a return on investment.

(CCC) transitioned from paper-based medical records and. MEDITECH Surgical Services Boost productivity with MEDITECH’s Surgical Services. Inventory levels are automatically decremented in real time as supplies are used in the surgical case, and a queued orders feature will allow for a streamlined ordering process for physicians.

Plus, automatic charge capture sends materials-related charges.

Meditech is a major manufacturer and leader in endoscopic surgical instruments market, competing aggressively by introducing new products with enhancements to existing products. The growing market of endoscopic technology made Largo Healthcare, the parent company, to branch Meditech as an.

MEDITECH’s integrated Critical Care solution supports the distinct workflows of ICUs, NICUs, and other high-acuity settings. Building a Foundation for Population Health: Patient Registries White Paper published on February 19, Meditech Surgical Case Study 1.

Meditech Surgical Presenting by Flex 26 Sec 3 Group 6 2. “LMC” “Endoscopic surgical instrument” “Leading share in the market”.

Supply Chain Management Meditech Case Study - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.5/5(1).

Meditech surgical case paper
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