Is dependence on computer a good thing

Which us not for only for those people but also, for the particular nation. Depending on the computer is a good thing for the following ones. Computers ease tedious task that is done manually. I hereby conclude that computer and technology must be used on when necessary. So there is a point to analyze and find it clearly that dependency is not bad.

There are lot of advantages like chatting, banking, search any information, fight train reservation, online shopping etc. Nowadays dependence on the computer a good thing but it is not misused. All the work are happening on the computer, it is a like an our life partner. So if we can see that before the discovery of computers we do everything in our own way.

Future of the computer world is very bright, no doubt it includes many advantages but in this world everything is not perfect everything contains equal merits and demerits and in few case computer will not give results as we want and a dependent person always give up but a person who knows how to make results they will performing whether it works or not.

Today Your are reading this line because of this computer or any smart device, we are sharing ideas, we learn faster.

Now a day computer very needed for us. It uses in the field of Save the data for long times. So increase your memory power and decrease the dependence on computer for small works.

BUT only as an aid, to depend on them leaves society open to manipulation and control. Or it can give same love as human want.

Even this computer was discovered by Charles Babbage. Apr 1, My point is our addiction towards computer is more nowadays. Since we have a mini pocket computer smartphone, which takes fission to spoil the mind of youngsters and kids.

Hackers can get this information and use it for bad things. Besides, computers can help people to search information in an easier and effective way, and do other things. Sep 17, In my point view, computer dependency is good but sometimes not good because the generation is a technology.

Computers are especially welcomed by companies. But relying much on it is not a good thing. I think so computer is a good technology and good thing its reduce our work time and we all know every coin has twosudes good and bad.

I think the computer is a big success by inventors. It is irrefutable that it not only, revolutionised our lives but also, created a lot of creations for us.

Is dependence on computers a good thing?

Online recharge and online shopping. But after discovered computers, it makes everything easy.

GD Topic: Is Dependence on Computers a Good Thing?

Jan 25, We should definitely depend on computers. Jan 5, To me as the coin has two sides. Jan 16, Good morning to all. Jun 27, As we all know that every coin has two faces.Jan 17,  · Dependence On Computer Good Or are becoming increasingly dependent on computers.

They are used in businesses, hospitals, crime detection and even to fly planes.

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What things will they be used for in the future? Is this dependence on computers a good thing or should we be more auspicious of. Is dependence on computers a good thing?

Last updated on Nov 19th, Team GD Ideas views. In Favor: Digital devices are reducing our work load. Because of video games in computer, many children are addicted to computer and are being distant from real games.

Apr 05,  · Dependence makes us impeach or incapable of doing things on our own that's why we need independence. In the similar manner totally depending on computer is not a good Resolved.

Good afternoon everyone I think that Dependence on Computers a Good Thing but not fully.

Is Dependence on Computers a Good Thing?

It is only for the work our not any time. Because computer is an electronic machine not a human brain if you fully believed him that is curse for you. Aug 14,  · in todays life dependence on computers is a good thing but not at all extent As the computer has lots of advantages but also some disadvantages so all dependence on Status: Resolved.

Is Dependence On Computer A Bad Thing. Many people are using computers in the world. Whether they are students, teachers or adults at work, we all use it.

Supporters of dependence on computers a good thing say that we can learn easily information about Assembly language.

Is dependence on computer a good thing
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