Extent liberalism compatible democracy essay

They believe in meritocracy through those with greater knowledge able to make the best decision for the whole of society but democracy does not promote this.

J S Mill was quoted he would rather be a "Socrates dissatisfied than a fool satisfied. It tolerates and respects differing views, and appreciates diversity as essential to social and political improvement. The social contract also leads to constitutionalism which preserves the freedom of the majority and guarantees stability, through the mass ruling and therefore less chance of a rebellion.

John Locke stated "whenever law ends tyranny begins". Modern Liberals embrace democracy as conductive to personal development and true equality of opportunity whereas Classical does not as much.

However this generates inequalities for those outside the political sphere, and in minority groups. The opening quote of this essay shows one view that liberalism and democracy are not compatible. Proceed Individual liberty rests on a presumption of human beings as national individuals, with the ability to promote their own interest.

Through self-development, it promotes toleration and diversity through a greater number taking part in political matters and contributing to how the state is ran.

Therefore through the democratic system, those that are the minority who want differently to the majority will always loose out and the example of this is the FPTP system. However for a long time liberalism has displayed democratic tendencies, on the basis of basic equality among people.

This leads on the majoritarianism, the belief that the majority should rule over the minority, "tyranny of the majority" said by De Toqueville.

It can be argued that democracy is incompatible with liberalism which has been stated by philosophers such as Rousseau and Mill. This therefore results in society not benefiting through beliefs that can be discriminating or sexist being accountable through democracy.

Classical Liberals believe when the economy is suffering, it will adjust itself with the "invisible hand" said by Adam Smith. The best essay writers are ready to impress your teacher. It tries to foster this by guaranteeing equality of opportunity within a tolerant society. It allows the individual the freedom of choice, to pursue their interests resulting in less conflict through the acceptance of pluralism.

If the government is based on the consent of people and people are treated with equal respect then there is a basic affinity between the two ideals. The simple fact that liberal democracies exist is evidence in itself that the two ideals, liberalism and democracy, are compatible.

It is thought by some Liberals that the uneducated have sufficient understanding and therefore can be easily manipulated by things like the media. This is why they believe in meritocracy, where the individuals with the mental capacity are making the decisions.

To a certain extent democracy creates a certain amount of equality through the voting process. How democracy can indeed create equality, promote the interest and good of the individual and the sharing tolerance of the two ideals. The incompatibilities between the two of representation, individual freedom and equality of opportunity.

Indeed they do impinge on one another but with compromise the two compliment one another very well. One argument could be that democracy undermines the individual through the tendency towards collectivism.

It is this liberal conception of democracy that governs much of the developed world, particularly Europe although social democracy is also very prominent. Liberal democracy is characterised by the rights and liberty of the individual, it is rule by the people but also protects the individual.To what extent is liberalism compatible with democracy?

Liberalism has an ambivalent relationship with democracy, as liberals are against collective power. Neoliberalism and the End of Liberal Democracy peripheral to core nations, but also because it is compatible with, and sometimes even productive of, authoritarian, despotic, paramilitaris- this essay is with these neglected dimensions of neoliberalism.

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Essay. “As a political thinker Locke may be regarded as a precursor of liberal constitutionalism and even, to a limited extent, of liberal democracy”.

Liberalism compatiable with democracy

To what extent is feminism compatible with other ideologies. Feminism is the rise to push social, economic and political equality between the sexes.

To what extent is liberalism compatible with democracy?

Therefore feminism becomes compatible with two major ideologies, liberalism and socialism. Liberalism compatiable with democracy To what extent is Liberalism compatible with democracy? Democracy played an important role in civilisation at the end of the 19th and early 20th century in terms of the liberation of the masses.

Extent liberalism compatible democracy essay
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