Disintegration of moral values among todays youth

Smith and his colleagues interviewed had a superficial view of life and had not considered the ramifications of their morals. We merely care about ourselves. They scold their elders. While some behaviors are improving among teens and young adults, morality is on a slippery decline.

Our analysis of youth values includes 1 whether and how values have changed over time, 2 what trends can be anticipated in the future, and 3 changes in youth views of the military.

With this, history could have avoided the holocaust that Adolf Hitler led against the ethnic races he chose to exterminate, or the later ethnic cleansings in Rwanda and Serbia. Let us break through and see splendid world of today and face the challenges.

Children spend most of each day away from their parents. We have no firm convictions about anything outside.

They readily accept views of peer group. He said alwaysawakearise and not stop till goal is achieved. It is proper to drive on the right hand side of the road.

If we deeply see then we can find that natural beauty is in moral values. These are the elements which is sickening our society. We have no pathos left for things we should, like faith, our country or neighbors.

We are too confined like a frog in the pond and caterpillar in the cocoon, what hinder us? When one is apathetic, they have no passion. We would die for nothing. Let me suggest some steps to take with your students on this topic: For that matter, we might have avoided the corruption of Joseph Stalin or Saddam Hussein.

Our social activities practice and our mindset is contradicting to our vision and destination to reach. The feelings and emotions of child remained un entertained. The study includes follow-up surveys of smaller subsamples of graduates from all classes from onward.

Responding to 5 Trends in Youth Morality (Part 2)

Moral values makes youth angel. Alcoholism in grade students begin nipping from wine bottles when parents are away. These are very important factors for degenerating moral values among youth. We the Nagas have the uniqueness of our own Culture and identity but we have been ignoring by ourselves we failed to render and promote our own culture and identity.

A revolution in lifestyles is a more appropriate description. They are truant—at the risks of academic failure and dropping out of school at age 16, or earlier, and never obtaining the skills to become contributing members to the society.

So the child finds some other places like TV, peer group, bad literature etc to share feelings and emotions and start behaving immorally as revolt.

Practicing the modern styles is not going to pay them back any good in life. Are their parents and counselors supportive? Desire of self exhibition often takes an youth towards crime and immoral behaviour like smoking, drinking, eve teasing, delivering abusing words, quarreling, sex abuse etc.

Page Share Cite Suggested Citation: Too many young Nagas attend school on an irregular basis, resulted a failure to gain a solid foundation of basic academic skills, moral values and spiritual awareness.

The present youngsters assume the western values as their culture.Free Essay: Teenagers Today Lack Moral Values and Self-Discipline Moral values and graciousness, in the past, were prominent in most teenagers.

Majority of. The Events That Culminated to the London Riots: The Decay of Todays Youth Culture (Dissertation Sample). Youth Values, Attitudes, Perceptions, and Influencers: Recruiting an all-volunteer military is a formidable task. To successfully enlist o Read chapter 6.

Youth Values, Attitudes, Perceptions, and Influencers: Recruiting an all-volunteer military is a formidable task. Those who are more politically active among today’s youth often do. Changing values of today’s youth. By EMN / October 4, / Comments Off on Changing values of today’s youth Print Email.

Tingsangai John Panmei These youngsters should be instilled basic moral values and a deep respect of our customs and traditions from their younger age.

Needless to say, what’s disturbing us the most is being the. values of the past and present and moral values for youths in a changing society. Recommendations will be made and conclusions will be drawn from the discussions.

To live by ethics and values means you are a "moral" person. When you have no set of ethics or values, you become "amoral." You are neither for, nor against any values.

I meet students today who claim to be amoral. They won't judge anyone or anything. Sadly, however, this apparent progress actually leads to "apathy," which means without pathos.

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"Pathos" means to feel emotion, pity or passion.

Disintegration of moral values among todays youth
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