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Compare & Contrast Essay: Homeschooling & Mainstream School

The government offers free education for everyone, meaning that anyone can enroll in public schools, regardless of their academic ability. Bullying tops the list. Apart from that, courses offered in private schools are also limited, due to a smaller population. Which one would be the best for my child?

Each form of education serves different purposes, depending on the situation a student is facing. Mainstream schooling teaches kids how to stay safe In a mainstream school Compare contrast essay public school homeschool child is exposed to all the dangers that home schooling protects from.

Home schooling also lacks cooperation skills and teamwork which could get home school students into big trouble when they have to face other people as they move on in life. Homeschooling is safer If a student is at home then predators are less likely to find and abuse or kill the child, and school violence will not be a problem.

Students would have the opportunity to socialize with others of various financial statuses and family background. Home schooling has been made easier with the help of sophisticated technologies such as the computer and also online courses offered by companies such as VHS and Seven Star Academy, which does not require any personal tutoring.

Mainstream schooling is more monitored and is done by professionals The fact is that people in schools have lots of experience and are fully trained to be teachers.

Still, in a mainstream school there are more professionals available. There is no universal answer or solution, for each option have their own distinctive pros and cons. Students would not have to worry about bullying anymore.

The quality of teaching will vary from teacher to teacher, but the same can be said of home school teachers. Public schools would be the traditionally accepted option for parents; some do not see any reason to enroll their children in private schools while others see public schools as their only option due to financial issues.

It usually involves private tutoring at home, whether it is from the parents or a personal tutor. Home school is an entirely different from of education compared to public and private schools which has gained popularity over recent years due to varying factors, including dissatisfaction with academic instructions in school, geographic factors and personal safety concerns.

Recent statistics has shown that one out of every four kids get bullied mentally, physically or verbally in school. Mainstream schooling can collectively convince students to learn Within a mainstream school it is possible to convince students to learn via collective learning techniques.

It seems obvious that home schooling and mainstream schooling are very different. Despite that, private schools are more open to suggestions and opinions from parents, students and teachers which would benefit the school and students. Public schools, private schools and home schools contrast in one way or another.

This however, is not often preferable as the name of an academic institution is often what marks a degree as relevant or not in the eyes of an employer. Something such as requesting silence will encourage a child to conform so long as silence exists. However, in adult life a person is at even more risk of death and injury.

Home schooling means learning on a one-to-one basis It means having one person teach one person or a very small group. Going to a mainstream school is good preparation for future threats and hurt.

However, other parents opt for an alternative to public schools, including private schools and home-schooling. A majority of parents would turn to public school when it comes to education.

No matter where a student is, all he or she needs is a computer and internet and there is nothing else to worry about. The comparisons and contrasts between both of them make for very good arguments against homeschooling.

Students would not have the opportunity to enroll in certain courses offered by public schools. However, students are missing out a huge significant part of life: Doing the same at home is harder as the home school child has more time and incentive to manipulate the teacher.

Here I show how home schooling is both different to mainstream schooling and how home schooling is a bad idea. Besides that, public schools are not the safest environment as students are vulnerable to dangerous activities such as drug dealing and smoking.

Conclusion Homeschooling is a bad idea. The education received is also more student-centered, due to smaller enrolment and classroom sizes, which leads to higher academic results in standardized tests. On the other hand, private schools do not belong to the government, so students are required to pay fees to enroll in a private school.

There will also be a freedom from rarer events such as school shootings and stabbings. Home schooling gives the teacher more time to give the student more attention. You can offer schooling to a child but it is up to the child to learn, and it is easier to create a feeling of positive learning if multiple students are doing it at the same time.

Home school education is very convenient if a student is unable to attend school. Staying at home schooling will ill prepare a person for what the real world is like.The following essay will compare and contrast many of these reasons.

Every parent should consider all of the advantages and disadvantages when deciding on the education of their children and where they will receive it. Home School v. Public Education Home school or public education which is right for you?

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Our comparison of public education. Homeschool vs. Public SchoolHomeschooling has been a debated issue for years. It's been disputed as to whether homeschooling is more beneficial to a student than attending public school.

Although there is some advantages in homeschooling a student, the /5(5). Home Schooling vs. Public Schools: Which one is the right choice for you? First let’s go through some of the advantages of home school. Home schooling can be good for a child in many ways. compare and contrast University of Phoenix COM - Summer compare and contrast.

11 pages. Com week 8 assignment University of Phoenix %(11). May 19,  · Compare and Contrast Essay. Posted on May 19, by simyangyang. Students would not have the opportunity to enroll in certain courses offered by public schools. Home school is an entirely different from of education compared to public and private schools which has gained popularity over recent years due to varying factors.

Home School vs Traditional School Essay. B.

Pages:2 Words This is just a sample. To get a unique essay. COMPARE AND CONTRAST HOMESCHOOL AND TRADITIONAL SCHOOL. HOOK: In the future, students might have more opportunities to attend a home school and they can make a choice between home school or traditional school.

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Sep 10,  · Free Essays on Comparing And Contrast Homeschool Versus Public School Search Homeschooling Is a Rising Alternative to “Traditional Public Education Because the Effect It Has on Freedom and Flexibility, Social Interaction, and Academic Success.

Compare contrast essay public school homeschool
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