A discussion on topic of a new law regarding allowing the open carry of weapons on campus

After a few weeks, the city removed the signs. For instance, TARC, the mass transit system in Louisville, is continuing its ban on guns on its buses, though the Executive Director tells me TARC leaders are still researching the legal ramifications of continuing the ban.

It would be too easy for someone to steal an unattended firearm from a dorm. Allowing concealed carry on college campuses would have no impact on the laws regulating concealed carry at bars and off-campus parties, the places where students particularly students of legal age to obtain a concealed handgun license are most likely to consume alcohol.

Kentucky is clearly out-pacing the rest of the nation in allowing citizens to carry guns in public places. The discharge resulted in no injuries and minimal property damage. Return to Arguments — Guns on campus would distract from the learning environment.

Oklahoma now gives permission to its private schools to let concealed-carry permit holders bring their guns onto school grounds, providing they have obtained additional certification. Bills are pending as of this writing in Ohio and Michigan that would allow students or teachers at public and private colleges to carry guns in schools or bring guns on campus.

If you wish to comment on another subject, you may search for a relevant article and join or start a discussion there. In fact, violence kills more of our children than every other cause of death combined in our schools.

The widespread passage of shall-issue concealed carry laws has not led to spates of shootings or gun thefts at those locations. His suit and appeal were both dismissed.

Common Arguments Against Campus Carry

On September 2,a professor at Idaho State University was carrying an unholstered handgun in his pants pocket while teaching a class. May May 2, openly armed members of the Black Panther Party marched on the California State capitol [61] in opposition to the then-proposed Mulford Act prohibiting the public carrying of loaded firearms.

Return to Arguments — Self-defense training is as effective as a handgun against an armed assailant. Gonzalez was involved in two prior arrests for disorderly conduct, based on his open carry practice. Stephens, executive director of the National School Safety Center.

The vice principal never fired a shot, but he stopped the rampage, forcing the student to the ground and keeping him there until authorities arrived. In these cases the attacker was stopped by faculty or fellow students, decided to stop shooting on his own, or killed himself.

We hope our legislators are taking notice when women and mothers collectively raise our voices. I was not about to compromise, and write on the level of, say, the local newspaper.

The gun discharged as she was attempting to reload it. In addition, the idea of more guns on campus makes the majority of students and faculty feel less safe, and allowing concealed weapons serves to decrease the sense of campus safety.Below, Journalist’s Resource has gathered several reports and peer-reviewed, academic studies that we think reporters will find useful as they examine this important topic.

Policy analysis “Concealed Carry Bans and the American College Campus: A Law, Social Sciences, and Policy Perspective”. Concealed Carry on Campus. New legislation allows concealed carry in Kansas without a permit November 11, Student Senate sponsored Town Hall – concealed carry FAQs regarding draft weapons policy posted for comment January-June Additional training offerings and safety programming.

The Concealed Carry Debate. Posted on May 15, all 50 states allow citizens who meet certain requirements to carry concealed weapons. The discussion at hand relates to the presence of concealed carry weapons on college campuses. Last year, state legislation regarding concealed carry weapons on campus gained traction in many states.

Why. New Georgia Law Allows Gun Owners to Carry Everywhere, Almost which lobbied for passage of the new law, openly carried his Kimber into a popular restaurant near the Georgia Tech campus on. Should People Be Allowed to Carry Guns Openly?

with the remaining states either specifically allowing open carry or having no law on.

“Campus carry” and the concealed carry of guns on college campuses: A collection of research

This paper examines concealed handgun laws in the United States with the results of this project show evidence that laws allowing citizens to carry concealed weapons do indeed lower crime rates, in particular, violent crime rates.

3 In places where it is illegal to carry a concealed firearm, law-abiding.

A discussion on topic of a new law regarding allowing the open carry of weapons on campus
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